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Home-Based Children's Program

Our new Home-Based Children’s Program (HBCP) provides resources and support for families with children living at home who have behavioral or functional issues often due to autism. The goal is to enable children to remain at home. HBCP develops a therapeutic relationship with parents, children and caregivers in order to build positive behavioral changes and higher levels of functioning.

PRIDE's HBCP serves all children who can benefit from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) regardless of diagnosis or age (up to 22) who meet the Medical Necessity Criteria set by the state. Services are delivered in the home and designed to address the unique concerns of each child in order to maintain, stabilize, and/or improve current levels of functioning. Every child's individualized program is developed and supervised by a licensed behavior analyst. All ABA treatment workers are trained in behavior analysis and credentialed to provide services through the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership. A behavior analyst supervises ABA treatment workers weekly to help ensure best practices and treatment. Parents or caregivers must be involved in the development and ongoing implementation of all treatment goals and objectives. For more information please contact Marc Mauricio.



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