• Improve independence
  • Take part in community outings
  • Build friendships and learn how to work together.
  • Develop new skills and enjoy creative expression.

Day Habilitation

A second family...

There's a lot of camaraderie and fun in our Day Hab Program, and many important things happen through these services. Dedicated staff help members develop independence, lifetime skills and individual well-being through a variety of engaging activities, both on-site and in the community. Health and medical needs are monitored daily by our Health Care Supervisor. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services are also available. Eligible participants receive MassHealth assistance for this fee-based service. Here are some major teaching components of our Day Hab Program:

  • Self care, including medical and health, nutrition, hygiene and grooming.
  • Sensory motor development, including visual, gross and fine motor skills; and eye-hand coordination.
  • Communication, including expressive and receptive communication and language.
  • Self direction, including rights and responsibilities, community resources and orientation, and advocacy.
  • Activities of daily living, including meal prep from shopping to cooking, independent living, and money management.
  • Self-development, including interpersonal and social skills, self-esteem, decision making and judgement skills.
  • Self-preservation and safety, including first aid, fire safety, community and home safety, and community resources during emergencies.
  • Affective development, including emotional identification, stress management, coping skills and anger management.



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