Community-Based Day Supports at PRIDE
  • Tour the Taunton Community Access & Cable Media Station
  • Visit a local animal farm.
  • Build skill sets for confidence and competence.
  • Help plant a community garden.
  • Learn coordination and rhythm at Drums Alive!

Community-Based Day Supports

Building social and vocational independence.

Community-Based Day Supports (CBDS) provide skill sets to develop, enhance, and maintain one's competence and confidence in personal, social, and community-based activities. CBDS affords individuals full access to the community while job exploration and individual preferences are assessed. CBDS members spend at least 70% of their time out in the community. Activities may include a trip to the Artist Exchange, volunteering, exercise, visiting a farm, walking, seeing a Red Sox game, going to the YMCA, and much more. Vocational trainings and work options develop and foster skills and attributes necessary for social and vocational independence. PRIDE embraces our community network, which helps provide community access, training, and vocational opportunities for independence.


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