Adult Foster Care

Adult Foster Care

"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there." —Barbara Bush

This community-based supportive living program is for adults with disabilities and elderly individuals who cannot live alone safely. It's funded by MassHealth and assists people over the age of 16. Adult Foster Care (AFC) supports people who need assistance because of aging issues, medical conditions, mental illness, developmental and/or physical disabilities.

Members are matched with approved families who provide lodging and personal care services in their home. Individuals who provide in-home care for a family member and are not a guardian or spouse to that individual may be eligible to become an AFC caregiver.

AFC benefits families who need some additional supports such as nursing, social work, respite, and a financial stipend to help keep a family member at home. It also benefits caregivers who open their homes to adult foster care members. These families have a desire to help others, and are willing to take on the responsibility of providing guidance and supervision to AFC members. They gain personal fulfillment from helping others in need, and receive a monthly stipend from MassHealth.


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